Explanation of validity period, return deduction, usage range, and acquisition methods

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, DHgate has established itself as a prominent player, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. One intriguing aspect of this platform is the DHgate Coins – a digital currency that provides convenience and benefits to the shopping experience.

Picture these coins as virtual currencies that you can use for diverse purposes within the DHgate ecosystem. They deliver a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience. 

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of DHgate Coins, exploring their validity period, return deduction policies, usage range, and acquisition methods. 

Validity Period: Making the Most of Your Coins

DHgate Coins, like many loyalty and reward points, have a validity period. This period refers to the timeframe during which you can utilize the coins for different transactions on the platform. The validity period of DHgate Coins typically ranges from several months to a year. However, the duration may vary depending on promotions, campaigns, or platform policy changes.

It’s always helpful to keep track of your coins’ validity period. You will forfeit them if they remain unused after their expiration, leading to a loss of potential benefits. Ensure you plan your purchases and redemptions accordingly to maximize the value of these digital assets. 

Also, DHgate coins earned but unused often expire at the end of the following year.

Refund Deduction: A Consideration for Refund Cases

In scenarios where you need to return an item you purchased using DHgate Coins, there’s a policy known as “return deduction.” This policy ensures that the refunded amount aligns with the original payment method and the currency used during the transaction.

When you return an item, you’ll recover the DHgate Coins you had spent initially. However, if the validity period of these coins has expired, a deduction might be applied. This means that DHgate will recalculate the equivalent value of the coins used based on the current exchange rate, potentially leading to a slightly reduced refund amount.

This policy encourages users to use their DHgate Coins within their validity period to avoid any potential deductions upon return. This mechanism maintains fairness in the process and incentivizes clients to engage with the platform actively. 

DHgate Coins’ Deductions

Returning goods you acquired using DHgate Coins prompts guidelines regarding the treatment of the earned coins. Here’s an outline of the scenarios involving DHgate Coins in return cases:

  • Returning Goods That Earned DHgate Coins

When you return items that earned you DHgate Coins, the corresponding amount of earned DHgate Coins will be deducted from your account. The platform will reverse the transaction if you have already used these coins. Furthermore, DHgate might block your account after accumulating a certain threshold of coins.

  • Returning a Partial Order that Earned DHgate Coins

If you return only a portion of a multi-item order that earned DHgate Coins, these coins become subject to deduction. This policy maintains consistency and fairness by accounting for the holistic benefits derived from the order. 

  • DHgate Coin Consumption and Refunds

In cases where you pay for an order with DHgate Coins and subsequently return it due to a refund or cancellation, a different protocol comes into play. The refund process first credits any DHcoupon values associated with the order. The DHgate Coins you used in the transaction will be reinstated in the original state, ensuring a seamless and accurate reimbursement process. 

This information can help you make informed decisions and anticipate the impact of returns on your earned coins. DHgate’s comprehensive approach to these scenarios ensures fairness, transparency, and an optimal user experience within the platform.

Usage Range: Versatility of DHgate Coins

You can use DHgate Coins across diverse spectrums of transactions and activities on the DHgate platform, enhancing your overall shopping experience. Some of the notable areas you can put the coins to use include:

The primary function of DHgate Coins is to offset a portion of the purchase price when buying items from the platform. Clients can choose to use a certain amount of coins during checkout, thereby reducing the overall cost of their order.

DHgate Coins are ideal for reducing shipping fees, allowing you to save on delivery costs for their orders. This feature is particularly advantageous for international shoppers.

Periodically, DHgate offers exclusive deals and promotions that allow users to purchase these coins at a discounted rate. These special offers provide a unique opportunity to save even more on desired products.

Some flash deals and limited-time offers during anniversary celebrations are exclusively accessible using DHgate Coins as payment. These deals add an extra exclusivity layer and incentivize users to acquire and use these coins.

  • Participation in Games and Contests

DHgate occasionally hosts games, challenges, and contests that involve DHgate Coins. You can use your coins to participate, adding an element of gamification to the platform.

You can also use DHgate coins to purchase gift cards and share them with friends and family. This introduces a social aspect to the coins, allowing users to extend their benefits to others.

Remember that you can only use these coins on the DHgate platform. DHgate typically cancels the rights and interests related to the coins in your account if your account gets suspended. To stay informed about your DHgate Coin balance and transactions, accessing the necessary information is straightforward. Navigate to the “My DHgate” section and explore the “DHgate Coin” tab. Here, you’ll find comprehensive details regarding your accumulated DHgate Coins, enabling you to monitor your digital currency easily. Make the most of your DHgate Coins while adhering to these guidelines.

Acquisition Methods: How to Get DHgate Coins

Acquiring DHgate Coins is straightforward, and several methods allow you to accumulate these digital assets:

  • Purchase: The most direct way to acquire DHgate coins is by purchasing them. You can buy coins in various denominations using your preferred payment methods. These purchased coins will be available in your account, and you can use them immediately.
  • Orders and Promotions: DHgate occasionally runs promotions that reward users with DHgate Coins based on their order value or participation in specific campaigns. Ideally, purchasing a certain amount results in a certain number of coins credited to the user’s account.

Users who purchase goods exceeding 5 USD are often eligible to participate in the rewarding scheme and subsequently receive DHgate coins. The conversation rate of your purchase value to DHgate coins usually depends on your membership level:

  • The exchange rate for D0-V3 members stands at 10:1(you get 10 DHgate coins for every unit of your currency)
  • For V4-V5 members, the conversion rate is 8:1 (8 DHgate coins for every unit of your currency)

Once you complete your order, you’ll receive your DHgate Coins based on the amount you paid for the goods. Your order will only be complete if it undergoes the post-purchase processing stage (PR) and you don’t initiate any disputes or refund procedures.

Your coins will correspond with the value of foods when DHgate confirms your order. 

  • Refunds: If you cancel an order and get a refund, the DHgate Coins used in that transaction will typically return to the user’s account. However, if the validity period expires, a deduction might be applied.
  • Participation in Activities: DHgate might organize activities like surveys, reviews, or referrals, where you get DHgate Coins for your engagement. This encourages user participation while helping you accumulate coins. 

Daily Coins and the Lucky Draw

Do you want to bolster your DHgate Coin collection effortlessly? Log in daily to the DHgate app to earn additional coins. Ensure you maintain consistency. Missing a single day logging in resets your progress, meaning you’ll begin anew from a zerocoin balance. Presently, you can only find daily coins on the DHgate app.

The daily coins also complement the lucky draw that offers a daily opportunity to try your luck without any cost. You can enter one free Lucky Draw attempt daily and stand a chance of winning exciting rewards and prizes. Accessing the Lucky Draw feature is a seamless process that requires a few clicks:

  • Log in to your DHgate account
  • Navigate to “My DHgate” to explore your personalized dashboard.
  • Click on “My Coins” to access the dedicated section for managing your coins and rewards
  • Locate and select the “Lucky Draw” option, granting you access to potential prizes and surprises.

With each login, you inch closer to unlocking exciting rewards. Watch your coin collection grow consistently as you commit to your daily logins.

Here’s what you can expect with the Lucky Draw.

  • Enhanced Opportunities with Orders: Each order you place opens the door to additional Lucky Draw chances. This exciting feature enhances your engagement, augmenting the anticipation of delightful rewards.
  • Reset Time for Daily Draws: The rhythm of the Lucky Draw synchronizes with the clock. At 16:00 Beijing (GMT+8), a new day begins, accompanied by a reset in the number of draws you can participate in. This temporal cadence adds consistency to the Lucky Draws. 
  • Diverse Rewards: The Lucky Draw delivers multiple awards to elevate your experience. These include:
    • Coupons: If you’re fortunate enough to secure a coupon, you can effortlessly access it in the “My Coupons” section. These coupons are valid for seven days, granting you enough time to capitalize on your reward.
    • Physical Gifts: A visual treat, the images of physical gifts often serve as a reference. Bear in mind that DHgate.com covers the shipping costs of these gifts.
    • DH Coins: Winning DH Coins is a possibility with its own benefits. Discover your winnings in the “My Coins” section. You can utilize these valuable coins to redeem DH Coupons, further enhancing your shopping experience.

Overall, DHgate Coins adds a layer of convenience and engagement to the DHgate shopping experience. Enjoy discounts, exclusive deals, and unique opportunities by staying informed and actively participating in the DHgate ecosystem. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, these digital currencies stand as a testament to the innovative ways they enhance customer experiences.


  • Can I use DHgate Coins to purchase any product on the platform?

DHgate Coins are ideal for diverse products on the platform, but some exceptions might exist. Certain flash deals, limited-time offers, or specific promotions might allow you to use the coins exclusively for specific products. It’s good practice to review the product details and terms of the promotion to determine if you purchase the item you’re interested in with the coins.

  • How do I know if an item is eligible for purchase using DHgate Coins?

When browsing products on the DHgate platform, you’ll often see a “Use DHgate Coins” option or a coin icon near the price of eligible items. This indicates that you can use your Coins to offset part of the purchase price. This feature lets you take advantage of your coins to enjoy discounts on your chosen items, enhancing your shopping experience.

  • Can I use DHgate Coins along with other payment methods?

Yes, you can use DHgate Coins in combination with other payment methods. During checkout, you can select how many coins you want to use for the purchase. You can pay the remaining amount using your preferred payment method, like PayPal, credit card, or other options. This flexibility lets you leverage your coins to reduce the total cost of your order while using conventional payment options for any remaining balance. It’s convenient to maximize your savings and benefits while shopping on DHgate.

  • Do DHgate Coins have a cash value?

DHgate Coins don’t have a direct cash value outside the DHgate platform. They are a form of digital currency designed for transactions and activities within the DHgate ecosystem. As such, you can’t exchange them for cash or withdraw them to external bank accounts. However, you can use them to offset purchasing costs, shipping fees, and other expenses on the DHgate platform. 

  • Can I transfer my DHgate Coins to a different DHgate account?

DHgate Coins are non-transferable between different DHgate accounts. Instead, they only apply to the specific account where they were earned or purchased. The coins’ designs allow you to use them within the account they are associated with for various transactions and activities on the DHgate platform.

Disclaimer: The information set forth above is provided by tony-treemy independently of DHgate.com. DHgate.com makes no representation and warranties as to the quality and reliability of the seller and products.

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