Father Wears Snow Boots Son Bare Feet, Painting Style Is Funny

A few days ago, filming on Mad Max 5 had to be suspended in Australia after director George Miller tested positive for Covid-19. Chris Hemsworth, the suddenly idle Hammerman, takes the opportunity to go home and pick up the kids.

On August 10, the Thor actor and his twin sons Sasha and Tristan stopped by a Mexican restaurant near Byron Bay, New South Wales, to buy food.


Dressings of This Family

In August, temperatures in Australia were still cold, and the 39-year-old Hammer brothers themselves “knew the temperature and the temperature.” That day, the father of three wore a thick striped printed sweater, black cotton slacks, snow boots and a baseball cap; The standard father figure who takes care of his children at home, relaxed, comfortable and warm.

The two sons were different. Two children, Sasha and Tristan, one wearing a large white patterned T-shirt and blue skinny pants, walked barefoot on the cold road; The other looked a little warm, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Both children looked very fashionable, but they were a little underdressed. However, the 8-year-old twins looked energetic and the white ones rolled up their clothes and looked really lively and cute.

Seeing the photos of Hammer Brother and his son traveling, I suddenly remembered the Internet meme “there is a cold call ‘your mother thinks you are cold'”, unconsciously thought of the corresponding “your father thinks you are hot”; The photo of the dad running outside in short sleeves and sweater uggs is really cute and hilarious.

However, although the painting style is funny, I can’t help but worry a little about the children being frozen. While the way foreigners look after their children is very different from us, after all, the outdoor temperatures in Australia are quite low this time of year. I can’t help but tuck my toes when I think of my little feet against the cold ground. However, judging from the photos just released, the two beautiful and lively little ones don’t seem to feel cold at all, and have been dancing and lively. After buying the food, still on the road, can’t wait to enjoy the delicious taste in the cold air.

Information about This Family

The couple married Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2010 and have three children together. In addition to their 8-year-old twin sons, they have a daughter, 10-year-old India Rose. The parenting style of the two is roughly “grounded qi free-range” in person. In order for the children to have a “quiet” living environment (away from the media pursuit) and more intimate contact with nature, the Hammer brothers and Hammer sister-in-law returned to Australia with the children a few years ago. When they were not at school, the three children lived a happy life. Horseback riding, surfing, digging in the sand, picnicking… It’s their daily life.

However, as a famous Hollywood actor, especially the fire of the Thor series, even if the Hammer brother “hides” back home, his three cute star babies are often photographed. Chris and Elsa were not particularly surprised, hiding three children. From time to time, the two also post about the daily lives of the three treasures on social media.

Generally speaking, the painting style of the family of five is happy, sweet, simple and down to earth. There is nothing delicate about these three children. As a result, photos of Sampo walking barefoot are not new to fans. Not just the three children, but the Hammer brothers and sister-in-law often walked barefoot on every corner of the asphalt, the stone road, the beach or the forest path.

These three children had an enviable childhood. – Simple, happy, free, free, and above all strong children. My father and mother also specially designed a set of simple three treasure fitness mode. “My wife and I have designed the ultimate home fitness regime,” Hammer said on social media. Everything you need is a kid, a skateboard (surfboard), a horse… And a horse’s ‘can do’ attitude.” Over the past two years, as her children have grown, Elsa has gradually turned her attention to work.

The hammer brother, who was “forced to stop working”, returned home with the children, and the actress in the film, Anya Tayler-Joy, took advantage of the rare mini-vacation to Sydney. Recently, the star of the film Left Behind was spotted taking a comfortable and relaxed stroll through Sydney’s Hyde Park.

On that day, Anya looked elegant and simple wearing a warm and stylish black coat with a smooth colored knitted hat, a pair of wearing black coat Bose QuietComfort headphones hanging from her ears, and a large Randwick Ritz Cinemas bag over her shoulder. Anya seemed to be in a good mood while walking slowly and still talking to the person on the other end of the phone. The 26-year-old actress secretly married boyfriend Malcolm McRae last month.

In addition, it is reported that the prequel film “Mad Max 5” is currently being shot: In the Furiosa, Anya plays the younger Furiosa, which was previously played by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron in the Mad 4. According to a source, Hammer will play a super villain in the film. Seven years ago, the Mad Max series had a good performance, expect Mad 5 to bring more surprises, and look forward to Anya and Chris in the film’s wonderful performance.

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